Our company

Since 1995 ON BOARD has established itself in the domestic market as one of the brands that convinces motorists the most. The company has focused on differentiating itself from the competition with the incorporation of new concepts in our designs, making the garment more attractive, safe and comfortable for the user.

Our main objective has always been the same "QUALITY and SAFETY at an unbeatable price", studying and using the most suitable materials to each need, to achieve maximum performance, always taking into account the type of driving (racing, route, city, off-road,...)

In ON BOARD we take care of each of the details that are part of the product in order to get an item designed and designed for our customers and friends "the bikers"

  • Research and production with quality products
  • Innovative designs and development of new concepts
  • Care after-sales service and customer service


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Our team

Proud to have a team of people with more than 30 years in the sector and young people passionate about motorcycling, creating a perfect blend to bring freshness in our designs "made in Barcelona" in equipment for the biker.