CEV riders like Kike Ferrer rely their hands on these extraordinary motorcycle gloves approved for their protections and excellent touch with the cuffs and levers.
XS S M L XL 2XL Black
guantes homologados de moto PRX1ON BOARD gloves are created and designed to protect riders who test endurance and protection in Spanish Speed Championship races.
XS S M L XL 2XL Black / White / Blue
PRX1 motorcycle racingON BOARD are composed of the best materials in terms of comfort and maximum protection. With European Certificate of Approval of the highest level 2KP. The racing demands of our CEV drivers demonstrate this.
XS L XL 2XL Black / White / Red
PrX3 fluor racing gloves is the new circuit product introduced by OnBoard. The only difference with the Ferran Casas 2016 replica. Greater protection and comfort this glove decorated with neon yellow detail.
2XL Black / White / Yellow Hi-Viz