The first thing to do is to know the kilometers we are going to travel, the roads we will travel on, the weather and the equipment we must carry. But, in addition to all this, it is also very important to check the motorcycle before starting the trip.

- Oil. In summer, because of the high temperatures, more oil is burned. For this reason we must review their levels.

- The pressure of the wheels. It is important for the stability of the motorcycle and varies depending on whether we go alone or with a passenger.

- Lights. We must check that they all work correctly and, in case there is a meltdown, we have to change it.

- If the motorcycle is water-cooled. We will check that the water is at its level and that the system is not leaking.

- Mirrors. Always very clean, well regulated and fixed (so they do not vibrate).

- Brakes. Check the liquid level and that there are no leaks, as well as the condition of the cables and discs.

Another essential matter to start our trip is the motorcycle helmet. This must be approved by the European Union, be of the appropriate size, always be fastened and have a ventilation system that allows adequate aeration. It is also very important that the visor is not very scratched or dirty to see clearly and better if it has a system that prevents fogging (such as Pinlock lenses).

Once we have everything ready and decide to start our trip, we must not forget that safety is the most important thing and, for this reason, we must always bet on efficient and safe riding, rest more frequently on trips with many kilometers and taking extreme precautions if we are forced to ride in adverse weather. Keep in mind that these can affect grip, braking and visibility.

Finally, in event of a fall, you must:

- Release the motorcycle immediately to avoid being dragged by it.

- Do not try to get up before the body has stopped, so as not to fall again.

- The helmet and the appropriate clothing can be of great help and save us in this type of situation.

The ONBOARD team wants you to enjoy your routes in complete safety! 

See you on the road!!