Many people think the best solution to combat the cold in winter is to put on layers and layers of clothing and this, especially if you ride a motorcycle, is a mistake because so many clothes will reduce our mobility and we will continue with the same feeling of cold.

Then, what is the better solution to keep us warm?

Do not hesitate, the moto thermal clothing!!

Thanks to it, we have a light second skin over our own, which provides us the necessary warmth and keeps the cold out.

This type of clothing is in contact with our epidermis, not allowing the entry of water droplets or wind, but evaporating sweat to the outside and acting as a thermal barrier against ambient temperature. This means that you will not feel the typical chill caused by the wind if your body is sweaty.

The advantages of our thermal clothing, made with the effective Windster® fabric and stretch zones are as follow:

- Comfort and lightness, which allows it to be worn under other clothes.

- It is a stretch and adjustable clothing.

- It is breathable. A garment that does not perspire and is wet will bring us colder instead of keeping us heat. Prevents overheating of the body by allowing steam go to the outside.

- It is thermoregulatory. Able to trap body heat and retain it. Providing 250% more warmth than a non-windproof fabric.

Benefits of Winster® fabric

The advanced Windster® membrane offers light and soft protection in cold and windy conditions, keeping you comfortable and warm for longer, thanks to its total wind resistance as well as blocking moisture and allowing maximum breathability.

Inside of windster fabric it is made of a sweet polar fleece layer, with less volume than other materials, which is responsible to retaining body heat.

Its main advantages are: its fast drying time, its durability, its resistance and its reasonably low price.

So, ONBOARD's thermal motorcycle clothing is ideal to accompany us in our motorcycle routes in winter and be prepared to combat weather changes.

Remember, in our range you will find: t-shirts, pants, neck covers, neck warmers, undergloves, balaclavas and thermal leg cover for scooter.

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